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    Everyday sexism


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    Everyday sexism

    Post by Palma on 12/4/2016, 18:29

    Forked in true HB style from the interesting turn taken in another thread.

    Smartiecat quoted some recent research which had looked at how much dialogue is given to females in films as opposed to males; and it was quite illuminating. I read this one today, which brings another aspect to the debate:

    The one problematic word we should stop using in the office

    That word is 'help'.

    It touched off something in my mind that has long irritated me. The use of the word 'help' in another and very common context - household chores. I seem hear lots of women [not so much here thankfully!] talking about how wonderful their husband/partner is because they 'help' with the chores. Just think about that. If he is 'helping' that means it's your job doesn't it?

    Similarly, a Dad looking after the young 'uns is quite commonly said to be 'babysitting'. What? So what's Mum doing when she's in charge? Her job?

    Grrrr. Rant

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    Re: Everyday sexism

    Post by Dollyrocker on 12/4/2016, 19:07

    WSS though I do refer to myself as being in babysitting duty now since I'm the one at work all day innocent maybe I should stop Think

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    Re: Everyday sexism

    Post by smartiecat on 12/4/2016, 19:28

    A fork, marvellous gerrin  The research I was referring to is here:

    That's interesting about the word 'help' in the office Palma.  I think I probably say that, and 'just' and other belittleing (sp?) in reference to myself all the time, and I try to be really conscious of language at work.  I work in a male dominated company, where most of the women are in admin roles.  The building I work in is fairly mixed but there's so many little things - I have never seen a man empty the dishwasher for example.  

    The 'babysitting' things is also a massive bug bear of mine gah

    There are just so many examples of small ingrained things.  I was trying to have this discussion at work today when discusing a work trip with a male manager - my female colleague had a car booked, cue lots of 'hilarious' comments about women drivers and us stopping for shopping etc.  All fairly harmless on their own, but it's all these little things drip by drip that keep culture as it is, which isn't good for men or women imo.

    I've also just been reading this article - the Guardian have analysed the comments section online and found of the top 10 people receiving most abuse, 8 were women.

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    Re: Everyday sexism

    Post by Stru on 13/4/2016, 08:51

    A fork! Hurrah.

    Yes. All of the above Rant

    I'm definitely guilty of using 'just' far too much smartie, especially in email. I feel like I'm putting people out all of the time. I also saw that piece on the guardian about their comments section - really interesting. It was echoed perfectly by Kathy Burke on her recent podcast with Adam Buxton - she was taking about the trolling and spamming she gets on Twitter - apparently she gets a LOT of pictures of knobs sent to her roll eyes which does not happen to her male counter parts. What the hell!? Why???

    I seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today as I'm just feeling grouchy and grumpy central over here old

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    Re: Everyday sexism

    Post by CyberCandyGirl on 29/4/2016, 10:04

    Men are seen as the stronger gender. I suppose because cave woman relied on caveman to hunt and bring back the food, while she would look after the offspring and cook the animal. I have also noticed that young girls and women are more likely to be bullied than strong Arnold type men. Physically stronger people are always left alone. People assume because you're female and don't have much of a stature, you must be mentally weaker, as well. It's ALWAYS the smaller built people who are bullied. That really gets to me. gah Soap Box Rant

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    Re: Everyday sexism

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